Untimely Wind

25 Aug

Want to hear a funny story?

Yesterday, the clouds rolled in to Dallas and the wind picked up with a fierceness. I was getting in my car, which has rather light doors, when the wind gusted and blew my door open… and into my forehead.

It hit hard… so, hard I thought I would be bleeding.  I was shocked that I wasn’t.  In fact, I barely have a bruise.  But I feel like I should have a gaping wound.

It’s funny now, but it sure was not then.

This has been the week of sleeping 8 hours.  I usually go to bed at 10, but get up before 5, making 8 hours impossible. But, this week I have slept in to 6 (ha!) more than once.  Turns out I am ok with it too!

For breakfast I had 2 pieces of toast with the lightest smear, one of pb and one of Crofter’s Strawberry.  I also had the better portion of a quinoa and egg veggie bake.

Tonight is my last night working at the gym, I think.  Which means, goodbye Body Pump, but also goodbye running from one job to the next on Thursdays.  For now, I will not have a gym membership.  That is life.

Now I have some questions/ comments from the blogs I have read this morning…

Congratulations to Sarah!  Peas and Thank You is now a New York Times Best Seller! And, her favorite recipes are legit!  I have not tried them all, but I have tried a couple and will be adding them to my recipe queue.

How in the world does Kath get her veggies to crisp like that when she roasts them? And, how incredible would it be to live where there is so much history?  I love Dallas, but I seriously appreciate history.

I not so secretly love mason jars, and adore this tea towel Kath used at breakfast.

I just met Clare last week, but it’s great when you meet people that are in a similar place in life. Though I like my job and the people I work with, I am NOT made to be in an office and definitely not at a desk. I, like Clare, am asking myself some very hard questions.

Jenna’s Earl Grey Peach Preserve recipe is timely, as I talked to my Grandma from Nebraska on my way to work.  She is canning Colorado peaches this week.  MMM peaches.

Julie managed to create what I would imagine is actually sin in a bowl.  Nutella Granola… two of my favorite foods in one.  Will I be making it? Not any time soon.  Am I saving the recipe? Yes.  I am thinking that this would be an amazing way to celebrate finishing my half marathon in December.

And finally, Jason over  at Cook, Train, Eat, Race is so fun to follow on Twitter.  The guy wakes up a little earlier than me on most days and kills a workout (or 3).  Triathletes, like Jason or Iron Jess, remind me what the body is capable of when pushed.  I need that reminder regularly.  It inspires me!

And now, to my faithful reader(s), thank you so much for letting me write for you.  Thank you for reading. I consider it a privilege.  Furthermore, thank you for understanding that I do not have a camera in my hand that often.

Tell me now, what is going on with you?

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