1 Sep

Rarely do I ever come straight home after work, and IF I do, I do not usually stay home for long.

Tonight I was supposed to go somewhere, but I ended up getting to stay home, and it was in-cre-dible.

I got 8 hours of sleep last night, after only getting 5 on Tuesday night. Needless to say I was dragging on Wednesday, but I felt great today…well, I felt good. I never feel great if I skip a morning workout. The only way I could get a morning workout and 8 hours of sleep would require me to be in bed by 9. I am usually in bed by 10, but 9?

I won’t lie… I get hangry on the way home from work when I feel like I am fighting the traffic just to get home. As soon as I walked in the door after work, I ate a smoothie with some cereal and donned my bike attire and headed for my bike trainer.

Question: Do you put air in your tires every time you ride your bike, whether on the road or trainer? I was told that I need to, but it is seriously my least favorite thing to do in the entire world.

There was some major sweating going on. Riding the bike trainer is more more challenging to me than riding outside. When I ride outside I get the occasional down-hill break or an easy flat area, but on the trainer I feel like I need to be pushing the entire time.

I am always trying to distract myself on the trainer, so I usually watch tv or a movie, but today I read a new magazine that I got yesterday.

Sadly it only took me the first 20 minutes of my ride, so I hopped off and turned on a couple episodes of Cheers. (love that show)

Highlights of the issue:

  • “I often hear people say, ‘I’m not a real runner.’ We are all runners, some just run faster than others. that’s all. I have never met a fake runner.” – Bart Yasso, RW Chief Running Officer and author of My Life on the Run
  • Have a purpose for every run. It will determine your approach to the run and whether you accomplished the goal.
  • A few days without running will not cause any significant loss in physical condition, but you should ease back into your routine.
  • Frozen yogurt from a shop has more live cultures than store bought froyo. As if I needed a reason to eat frozen yogurt on occasion. Please send me reason NOT to eat frozen yogurt.

    saturday's froyo

  • “Between 2006 and 2010, the average marathon entry fee in the US went from $66 to $85.”
  • The average cost of a half-marathon in 2010 was $62, which is up from $46 in 2006.
  • There was also a great article about what to expect from your first half marathon. Perfect for this gal, who just so happens to be training for her first half!
What else did I do with my evening at home… what I love, I cooked. I actually made my favorite baked tofu recipe.
Honey, Sesame Baked Tofu
1 block tofu, drained, pressed, and cut into squares
1 T honey
1 T sesame oil
1 T low sodium soy sauce
1. Mix honey, sesame oil, and soy sauce
2. Marinate tofu for at least 15 minutes
3. Preheat oven to 350
4. Bake on each side for 15 to 20 minutes until crisp on the outside
It is crisp on the outside and you have to actually bite through it. No mush. No gumminess. There is actual chew to this tofu.
When I use this recipe I could eat the entire batch… I never have. But, I am confident I could. Instead I portion it out into servings.
Eating correct portion sizes is what is going to help me save money on groceries, but also continue to lose weight. Though I am not trying to lose weight by any drastic means, I am trying to cut back unnecessary calories here and there.
It was an incredible day when I was able to share with you the day I was officially overweight, instead of being obese. How much more exciting will it be when I get to share that I am once and for all no longer overweight. (I may throw a party… not kidding!)
Until then…
What is your favorite way to use tofu?
What day in the near future are you looking forward to?

7 Responses to “Hangry”

  1. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race September 2, 2011 at 9:53 am #

    Those chips sound awesome.

    YES inflate your tires EVERYTIME. If they are not inflated it makes it that much harder and you are already on the trainer pushing it so why make it harder?

    • weightsandmeasures September 2, 2011 at 12:14 pm #

      Ok, ok. Your bold letters convinced me. It is just tedious.

      I am ready for cooler temps so i can get a ride in after work outside, instead of on the trainer.

  2. Minnooo September 2, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    I like to put silken tofu in my protein shakes. So I can alternate using protein powder.

    I’m excited for Sunday, because the girls are going to Atlantic City!

    • weightsandmeasures September 2, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

      I have heard of people doing that! I need to. How much do you put in a single serving smoothie?

      • Minnooo September 2, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

        The block I buy says 5 servings. So i try to cut it into 5 equal wedges when I open the package and use just one wedge in place of most of the liquid in a smoothie/shake. But you have to be super gentle when apportioning the tofu because its really soft and can melt apart easily. Then in place of the protein powder sweetness I add atleast half a banana.

        • weightsandmeasures September 2, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

          I almost always put banana in my smoothies. I will have to try silken tofu very soon! Thanks!


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    […] my body wants to eat and when it wants to eat.  So, I ate veggie stirfry with brown rice, and my perfect tofu.  I only ate about 2/3, felt satisfied, and […]

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