My Last Meal

5 Sep

If I were, for whatever unimaginable reason, forced to pick a last meal it would be between 2 choices:

Michele’s Sour Cream Yellow Cake with Chocolate Ganache Icing and Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream (Forget lactose sensitivity, cause this would be my last meal and that implies that life would be over immediately after.)

The only other option would be warm whole wheat toast with (liberal amounts of) Nutella and smashed banana (or the Nutella Banana crepes I had a BuzzBrews for my birthday).

Ok, I guess that is 3 options… You get the idea though.  We are talking dairy, fat, chocolate, banana.

I am a simple girl.  I have simple loves.

I have gotten into a bad habit of having a bite or two of dessert or even a cup of frozen yogurt (with toppings) about once a week.  I have always struggled with eating too much sugar.

If I eat a little, I want a lot.

As a result, my occasional taste of dessert or rare cup of frozen yogurt (what some call moderation) has resulted in my being sugar-crazed.

When I finish a well-balanced meal, it is the first thing I crave.  It’s an awful feeling, and I HATE it.  (See those bold capital letters?  That means I really truly mean it, in case you were wondering the intensity of my hatred.)

I just think about it, and think about it, and think about it.  Wasted thoughts.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas of last year I gave up sugar, and then from January 1-June 24, I ate sugar on 4 occasions. Then it seems that it all fell apart.  I have made exceptions, when a “worthy” dessert was presented.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with moderation, if you can do that sort of thing.

For me, it just makes me miserable, because I have to choose whether or not I will eat it.  Then if I do have some, I have to choose NOT to have more that day or days in the future.

So, I am ready to commit again to cutting sugar out, from now until Fair Day.  That is only a month, but it should be long enough to help me get control over the sugar cravings once again.

I do not anticipate that it will be easy. Craving are always tough to break and ignore.

I must remember that …

Sugar and desserts are not disappearing from the earth.

 There will be another chance to eat desserts.

 Most desserts are repeatable.  

Those that aren’t should be enjoyed. 

If you had to choose a final meal, what would you choose?

Do you have a hard time knowing when to eat dessert and how much to eat?



One Response to “My Last Meal”

  1. Christina September 6, 2011 at 1:16 pm #

    I must agree that Michele’s cake would be a part of my last meal…if given the choice! =)

    I am proud of your new commitment. You are inspiring! I love you!!

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