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12 Sep

Alone and helpless, my shoes sat.  Abandoned and unused yoga mat, where no stretching was done. Ignored tennis ball.  A sad sight, indeed. Luckily, my running shoes will be there tomorrow.

I had the bright idea this week to study before school or work, since I am having a hard time studying when I get home in the evening.  I knew I would work out, no matter what time of day. That was a bad idea, and I will fix it tomorrow.

That led to today being weird. Funky. Random.

I tried all day to convince myself that tea was as good as coffee.  Though I drink decaf, it is habit to drink coffee and tea just was not cutting it. I will make some decaf coffee in the morning… tomorrow.

The internet was down pretty much all day, so I was not able to complete the work I set out to do.  Oh well, the files will still be there tomorrow, and the IT guy (who happens to be my bro-in-law)  says the internet should be there too.

There was a swarm of bees in this tree today, and one of them came in my office when someone left the door open.  I do not blame them for leaving the door open… after all, we were having a water heater issue which caused the whole office to smell like eggs. I can’t handle the smell another day.  I am bringing a candle with me to the office tomorrow.

Have I mentioned how amazing my mom is?  In light of the whole water smelling like eggs business, you know it does not taste good.  I am not sure why it stinks so badly, but I am certain that I should not be drinking it.  When I mentioned the stinky water to my mom this weekend, she responded by buying me this 3 gallon jug to take to work.  She is a keeper 🙂  I should really give her a hug tomorrow.

My bad mood funk led to me feeling a bit extra snack all day. Luckily, there were no extra snacks to be found.  I only pack enough food for what I actually need.  The only thing I bring that is in excess is tea bags. I knew that this oatmeal square was in my lunch to eat as a snack before evening class.  I wanted it all day long, but managed to wait until 4 before warming it and enjoying.

Hello huge raisins and pepitas! I put extra cinnamon in this batch and less maple syrup.  Not sweet, but so tasty!  I think I will have another for a snack tomorrow.

Every once in a while I make a meal that evolves from simple to very complex.

It started with the a need of using some green beans, and a desire to use some of the garlic infused olive oil that I purchased as a splurge at Whole Foods on Saturday, when I should have been doing more studying than grocery shopping.

I roasted green beans, some mushrooms, and a potato in the garlic olive oil with a little sea salt.  I topped the roasted veggies with some pizza sauce and rice cheese, and put it back in the oven in a smaller dish for about 5 minutes.

Out came dinner.  Roasted. Garlicky. Tomatoey. Cheesy. Yummy. Sure hope I don’t smell like garlic tomorrow.

Have you been watching for honeycrisp apples?  The countdown is on.  Be on the lookout!  If you are the first one to send me a picture of their display at your store, I will be sending you a $5 Starbucks giftcard.  Check out the rules and more details!

I’ve got to go layout some clothes for running tomorrow!  Who can afford to be in a funk two days in a row?

Today,  I am thankful for tomorrow.






Ketchup for Dinner

2 Sep

This morning I did not have much time to invest in breakfast. Truthfully, the joy banana was missing from breakfast, which left me clueless what to have.  I landed on two pieces of toast – one with 1 teaspoon of almond butter and honey , one with 1 teaspoon almond butter and Crofter’s Strawberry Real Fruit Spread.  I just did not feel that full after eating, but I was headed to Starbucks to see a friend who works there.  So, I was hoping that the soy milk I would have in my coffee would give a me a little more protein and keep me feeling full.

I ended up having a very busy morning, and did not stop for lunch until 12:30.  I am trying to learn to listen to what my body wants to eat and when it wants to eat.  So, I ate veggie stirfry with brown rice, and my perfect tofu.  I only ate about 2/3, felt satisfied, and stopped.

That was a victory for me!  Around these parts we celebrate victories, big and small.

I ended up eating the rest about 2 hours later when I was hungry again.  I worked late, so I ate a couple nuts to keep the hangry version of myself at bay.

In an effort to maintain my food budget I have decided that I want to eat out once a weekend, and I will be tomorrow or Sunday, so I declined my inner desire to visit Loving Hut tonight.  Instead I asked myself what I was really wanting to eat.

The answer: ketchup,

What? A condiment?  That is not dinner.

I have not had ketchup since May… I remember the day. That poison high fructose corn syrup seems to be in everything these days, so I have pretty much avoided ketchup.  But, tonight I went and bought some Muir Glen ketchup and fresh green beans, as well as bananas (yay for breakfast tomorrow!)

I also got the last couple notebooks I needed for school, on clearance.  Thanks Target!

When I walked through the door I was met by these ladies…

Cali (my mom’s cat)

Betsey (my sister’s cat)

I was also met with the last textbook I needed.  Seriously, buying textbooks is like being robbed.

What the cats did not know, and I am not going to be the one to tell them, is that my lab manual is the “cat version”, meaning I may have to dissect a cat at some point.  I am NOT an animal person, but I am also not a cat dissecter.  Well, at least not yet.

Back to the ketchup… (I guess was not the best time to switch from talking dissection to talking about ketchup)

I thinly sliced a small sweet potato, and roasted the green beans and sweet potato at 350 for about 25 minutes after misting them with olive oil and sea salt.

I am genuinely convinced that if there were an award for slicing vegetables thinly by hand with a pretty dull knife, I think I would win.

While I waited (what seemed like forever), I made a mess in the kitchen an oatmeal cookie.  I knew I wanted dessert and I wanted to make something that I could eat and still feel good about.

I mixed 1/4 c oats, 1/3 scoop vanilla protein poswder, 1/2 T PB2, 1/2 T almond milk, 1 flax egg (1 T ground flax+2.5 T water that you let sit for 5 minutes), 1 t pure maple syrup, dash of cinnamon, 1/4 t pure vanilla extract, 1 t unsweetened Baker’s chocolate chopped. I baked it at 350 for about 12 minutes.

Finally the veggies were done.  Ok, maybe I actually ate the thinner ones as they started getting dark.

I squirted a hearty squirt of ketchup, with vegetables and a Gardenburger on the side.  After all, I was having ketchup for dinner.

Finally, after a week of standing behind my perch, I am committed to an evening of sitting in preparation for a long run in the morning.

Do you try to eat what you are really wanting?

Do you have a food budget? 



29 Aug

I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?

 I think you can in Europe.

(10 Things I Hate About You)

We all have words we tend to over use.  Winning, epic, snap (high school anyone?)…

I tend to use the word overwhelmed too much. Not as often as one may use the examples I gave, but it is a word that I would use to describe my mental and emotional state at times.

Today was an opportunity to be overwhelmed, but I chose not to do so.  By that I mean that I chose more than once today to be ok.

There is a song by Bethel Live that says,

God I look to You
I won’t be overwhelmed
Give me vision to see things like You do
God I look to You
You’re where my help comes from
Give me wisdom, You know just what to do

I sang this song over and over today.  It brought me so much peace and helped me from being overwhelmed. I was able to maintain perspective.

As I transition into a new season, I am committed to remain not under (boring), or overwhelmed, by my circumstances.  I chose to be whelmed… in Texas, because there is no time for Europe right now.

While I am a huge proponent of saying NO to people to avoid overcommitment, I am very committed right now.  I am learning better time management, as well as the art of being completely present where I am at the moment to make the time count. I am going to learn a lot more than Anatomy and Physiology this semester.

I definitely had the opportunity to be overwhelmed this weekend when I went to Costco, not once but twice.  I was ready to check out when their was a mixup with my sister’s membership, so I returned the next day to fill my cart with the exact same items.

Almond Milk


Stir fry veggies

MaraNatha Almond Butter ($5.99)

Sprouted Honey Wheat Bread ($5.99) I frozen 1.5 loaves

Seaweed snacks

Nature’s Path Sunrise Cereal

A very successful trip indeed! Though I wish I had only made the trip once.

What do you eat after 14 hours of going all day?

A baked sweet potato with coconut cream (coconut flour + almond milk), quinoa, and walnuts.

With broccoli on the side.

Please tell me that you bake your sweet potatoes in the oven.  Nothing is more underwhelming than a microwaved sweet potato.

Preheat the oven to 400. Wash the skin of the sweet potato. Rub the skin with oil. Put it in the oven for about 45-an hour. Remove it when you press on the skin and it is tender.

Now that is overwhelming, in the best possible way.

What is your strategy when you start to feel overwhelmed?
What is your favorite way to prepare a sweet potato?  I love them baked, but also roasted.

A Little Backwards, A Lot Hot

28 Aug

Friday night was very relaxing, as all I did was have dinner with Clare at Kalachandji’s and then go back to my sister’s house to hang out.  I stay at her house most Friday nights because I like running in her neighborhood.  I have measured routes and it is well lit for those before-the-sun-would-dare-raise-it’s-head runs. But the guest room was occupied, so I slept on the couch.  Luckily it is a really comfortable couch.

Iron Jess and his brother left the house at 3am to head to Hotter Than Hell, a 100 mile bike ride, with 2 of their other brothers and  their dad.  They were super quiet in the kitchen, but I still woke up.  I could not fall back asleep until 4:30, so my 5:30 alarm was greeted with my pointer finger turning it off and a grunt.

I ended up waking up at 6:30 and headed out on a 6 mile run.

I felt incredible the first couple miles, and then it started to get hotter as the sun rose.  I walked 3 times, for about a minute each time. In the end I still covered over 6 miles.

It still amazes me that I can run that far! I may not be fast, but I will get it done!

Lunch looked a little something like this…

Well, I started lunch with frozen yogurt with Christina.  We have our priorities. Then we met Michele and Leila for fajitas.

The three of us shared these fajitas from On the Border.  I was actually really impressed that they have vegetable fajitas on their menu. We ordered chicken, so the meat eaters could eat meat.  They had 3 vegetable options that came with the meat, and I chose the one that included squash and zucchini, red pepper, and onion.  I asked the waiter to put the meat beside the vegetables, and he obliged. Thanks waiter!

Happy vegetarian!  Guacamole, black beans, vegetables, and salsa on a very fresh tortilla.  I had one fajita with some chips and salsa.  I ate the chips slowly and intentionally.

By the end of lunch the lack of sleep + sugar caught up to me and I was ready to crash hard, so I skipped the trip to Target and went home for a 45 minute nap.

After my nap I made myself appear presentable enough to sit outside for hours and sweat… in other words, I put on clothes… and packed my cooler for a Ranger’s game.

We are having a drought in Texas, but you wouldn’t know it from their grass (or the grass in my front yard).  This was my first game of the season. Sad but true.  I used to frequent the ballpark all throughout the summer.  Life is busy these days!

There was good company.

Lots of sun.

Zero wind, as you can tell by the flags.

And lots of real food in my cooler. The last of the Whole Foods jalapeno hummus, chickpeas (redundant), red pepper, carrots, and tomotos (that may as well be candy).

To combat the heat, I brought a bowl of watermelon. This is what summer is about – baseball and watermelon.

The Ranger’s lost.

School starts Monday morning after my final Body Pump in who knows how long.

Do you like going to outdoor sporting events?  

Do you pack your own food or try to find something to eat at the stadium?  I will be honest, I can not handle paying that much for mediocre food. even when I was a meat eater I took my own food.

Just What I Needed

24 Aug


This salad was not exactly what I WANTED after work today. What I wanted was cold, preferably venti with soy and ice, in a plastic cup with a mermaid on the side… Gee, did I want an iced coffee.

This salad was really good though. This was my last minute fix right before bed last night. About 2/3 c quinoa, lettuce, tomatoes, 1/2 c garbanzo beans, half an avocado, and some left over lemon tahini dressing. I was actually very surprised at how tasty this thoughtless meal was! And no one can say I did not get my protein… I got a double punch from the quinoa and garbanzos. Healthy fat from the avocado and tahini. Lycopene from the tomatoes. Fiber from the beans and quinoa, and the lettuce of course.

You know what else I needed today… a compliment.

We all need them. Mine came today from FitKnitChick in the form of a comment.

I know a lot of bloggers face critical or negative comments regularly. I do not get a lot of comments period (so please feel free to comment away 🙂 I love to converse.) Consequently I do have to face negative interaction often.

I generally have beautiful people who encourage me, like FitKnitChick who simply said, “I love your attitude.”

Now why would that mean so much to me?

Well, I used to be (and can be at moments) an extremely negative person. I was rude. I was unkind. I was thoughtless. While so of this has changed because of age, and even more because of Jesus. Some is also the result of choice. I’ve chosen to change.

I choose to filter my words. I choose to filter my comments when I write on other blogs or write emails. I choose to keep my opinion to myself at times.

Now I am not tooting my own horn here. I’m simply giddy that not one, but two readers have appreciated my attitude. I’m having one of those, “Wow, I’ve actually made progress moments.”

We all have things we wish would be complimented. For example, I have dark brown eyes and I wear glasses. I have forever. So my eyes are pretty unnoticed. But, every once in a while someone will notice my eyelashes, and I know in that moment that they looked beyond the obvious. They saw past the immediate. They were paying attention. That feels incredible.

So, here is my challenge for both you and I… Let’s look past the obvious, take a moment to see others, and give them why they need….

A word of kind, genuine, encouragement.

The Key

23 Aug

Operation cutting back is going pretty good! I did encounter a dilemma yesterday afternoon when I was hungry and getting a headache, so I ate my pre workout snack as an afternoon snack.

That meant running home to change and eat something else before my workout. I had some oatmeal breakfast bars frozen in the fridge, which worked nicely as a snack.

Before Body Pump, I ran a mile, walked on an incline, and dabbled on the elliptical. While I waited for yoga to finish, I stood with some other ladies. This guy walked by and asked if the class was really that good. In unison we responded, “yes”. Body Pump has such a huge following. What will I do without it?

It was interesting to feel the difference in my energy level at 6:30pm versus 5:45 am. When Body Pump is my first energy expenditure I can push much harder. This teacher was also hard. She did not follow the normal routine. She added things, which all made it more difficult.

The chest track right now is “Sweet Child of Mine” and hearing it alone makes my muscles fatigue right now. I was making such awful faces last night. It hurt, it burned, but I made it!

I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner… Emulsified food. So I had a smoothie of almond milk, kale, frozen peas, a banana, frozen cherries, ice, flax, protein powder, and unsweetened cocoa. I topped it with a little shredded wheat and granola for crunch. Perfect!

After a long hot shower, to return my body temp to normal after sitting in sweaty clothes while eating ice cream a smoothie, I contemplated going to sleep. But, I had black beans in the fridge to make into soup.

So I chopped and simmered, while watching Everybody Loves Raymond, and I was still in bed by 10. Amen!

This morning I warmed up a Quinoa and Egg Veggie Bake and toasted a piece of bread.


I put a bit of Crofter’s Strawberry Fruit Spread on my toast for something sweet. The key is, you don’t need to put a lot, you just need to turn the toast jelly side down when you bite it. Then you taste the jelly!

Iced coffee with soy to wash it all down…

I am not too excited about the black bean soup I made, but I brought it for lunch to give it a fair shot.  But boy do I want to make this Roasted Tomato and Grilled Corn Soup.

Run and Rest

20 Aug

My goal today is to leave my house once… and only once.

I did not even leave the house to run this morning.  I can not blame my alarm for sleeping until 8:30.  I can and will only blame sheer choice. I did not get to bed until after 11 last night, and 6am was not looking pretty.  So I reset my alarm, and decided to just run on treadmill.  I am glad I did, because I eventually saw on Jason’s twitter that is was already 92 when he started his run before 5.  So, 6 would have been brutal.  No thanks.

I did not feeeel like running.  (Can you tell I was whining there, because I was.)  I laid there when I fiiinally woke up and thought, “Where did my running mojo go?”

I got dressed and had a piece of toast with sunflower butter and Crofter’s strawberry jelly.  Then I filled two water bottles and pulled out two dates for my run.  Today was the first day I was going to try eating while running.

I started slow and conservative, I had a least 7 miles to complete.

By around mile 1 was nice and comfortable.  Then again I was watching Suits on USA.  The only shows I ever make time to watch are on USA.

Around 4 miles I popped a date.  It had been out of the fridge for long enough to get warmed up, and it chewed up easy.  It was amazing that I could feel the increase of energy from those beautiful carbs.  I popped another around mile 5.5.

Before I knew it I was at mile 7, and I was set to keep going.  I actually sped up for a while.  I finished my 7.5 miles, even though I could have continued.  I wanted to keep going, but I had already run a mile farther than I had ever run, so I cooled down and did some dynamic stretching.  Then I finished up stretching on the floor.

After my run I made a huge smoothie.

almond milk, decaf iced coffee (I ran out of milk), banana, cherries, spinach, protein powder, raw rolled oats, and chia seeds, topped with granola

I wasn’t hungry at lunch time, but when I was finally hungry, I was HUNGRY.

I boiled some rotini, steamed some squash, and warmed some tomato sauce (which I added garlic, spinach, and Italian seasoning to).

Lots of veggies, a little pasta, with sauce and lentil beans.

My plan for the day is to conquer my to do list, but rest too.  At some point I need to wash my car and go to the grocery store.

If you see me in public, consider this your fair warning… I will not be putting on make up today. Rest day indeed.

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