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I’ve Moved

19 Sep

My bags are packed and ready for the big move…

That is right!

WeightsandMeasures has made the move to…

So, if you want to get updates about my posts, make sure you update your reader or bookmark!

Just follow the link to find my new home!


It’s Starting to Feel Like Christmas

18 Sep

While you have been out hunting for honeycrisp apples to hit the shelves of your local market (to win my $5 Starbucks giftcard of course!), I have been hunting for pumpkin.

I did not really need to go to the grocery store this weekend.  I have plenty of food, but there were two things missing that I felt I had to have. We all have staples, and one of my staples is bananas.  I eat one EVERYDAY, usually at breakfast.

We were out of bananas, so I visited my local Target yesterday for just these two items… and floss and toothpaste.  It is always an accomplishment when I get out of Target with only the things that I need.

Of course I put my pumpkin to use as soon as possible, by making pumpkin pancake roll ups.

I referenced 3 recipes before settling.  And, turns out I must have picked the wrong one.  The pancakes themselves were not good.  I tried to make them better by adding a little nut butter and banana, but they were genuinely just ok.

Kind of a disappointment after waiting for pumpkin for so long!

Yesterday I ran 8 miles.

You read that right EIGHT!

I wanted to go farther but my heart rate shot up right at 8, even when I slowed to a jog.  So, I stopped to walk.  I was disappointed because I will have to wait 2 weeks to go farther because I have the Heels and Hills and Him 10k next Sunday. But, after running 8 miles Saturday, I definitely feel ready to run 6.2 miles!

I received two packages in the mail this week that make me feel more ready to continue on my half-marathon training journey.  I’m starting to feel like it’s Christmas around here. But, I am paying for my own gifts, so nevermind.

Thursday night I got this small box and busted it open quickly!

Compressions socks!  I actually put them on right away and wore them until bed.

(You’ll have to forgive the grandma slippers and the cat butt in the background. It was late and I was tired!)

Compression socks are like hugs for your calves!

I plan to wear these any time my legs feel tired and after my long run on Saturdays.

These socks are snug on your calves, compressing inward to increase blood circulation and speeding recovery time. My sister is 6 months pregnant and wears a pair all day at school, since she is on her feet, to avoid ankle and foot swelling.

This very morning I got another package.  Well, it came yesterday, but the mail was checked today.

Finally, I will be running and cycling safer by wearing a RoadID every time I go out, whether alone or with someone.

This little bracelet will give first responders key information about me, like the fact that I have no known allergies, my emergency contact numbers, and that I am an organ donor!

And, for me the mantra “Some can’t.  You can.”  That is only part of my mantra though.  I would have needed another bracelet to write the whole thing.

“Some can’t.  You can.  Some won’t.  You will.  Some don’t.  You do.”  This is what I tell myself when I am ready to quit and it helps me keep going. And going, I keep.

Happy Sunday!  I am off to get ready for church!


Do you have a mantra?  If so, what is it?


12 Sep

I don’t know about you but I felt like the weekend flew by!

I enjoyed the beautiful weather, a trip to Whole Foods, studying with a friend, and a huge stack of Anatomy and Physiology notecards (riveting stuff).

I spent a lot of time outside, running and cycling.  I actually come and go from my house so often that my mother has begun joking about making me sign a Guest Book.  :/

While I did not post yesterday, there was a lot happening over here at Weights and Measures. I’ve been working on becoming self hosted all weekend long. (by I, I mean I did what I could and then wisely I turned it over into trustworthy hands when it became too technical for me.  Thanks Scott!  You deserve much more than the dinner of Thai food that I paid you with.  Though it was really good Thai food.)

While the site is not completely finished (then again, no blog is ever completely finished), it’s getting there. In the mean time, please check out my giveaway of a $5 Starbucks gift card if you are the first person to tweet me (@danikracht) a picture of the signage for Honeycrisp apples at your local store.

Check the rules out on my previous post.

In the mean time, have an incredible Monday!


(Updated to add… hopefully your office does not smell like rotten eggs due to some weird water heater issue.  Please send vanilla candles, or cinnamon, or better yet coffee.)

The Small Foxes

8 Sep

I have two crazy exciting posts in the works right now… Ok, make that 3.

In the mean time, this is one of those days that starts at 5am and ends at 8pm. I usually have 2-3 of those days a week right now. It’s a season of life.

This season is an adventure. I’m being stretched, pushed, pulled, and prodded in so many ways. It’s healthy for me!

Pressure not only reveals of our character, but it forces us to develop our character.

There is a verse in Proverbs that speaks of the little foxes that spoil the vines.

It is the small things in life that can make an enormous impact.

For example, a smile that can brighten someones day or a harsh word that is like a blow to the spirit.

I have been working on cutting back my portion sizes, becuase I have been eating more than I need. Even the right foods in the wrong quantity can effect our health and weight.

I have been making small changes.

  • Keeping my finger out of the nut butter. (15-20 calories) x7 days = 105-140 cal
  • Using less milk and adding some decaf coffee in a morning smoothie. (30 calories) x 4 = 120 cals
  • Eating lighter meals in the evening. (100-150 calories) x 7 =700-1050 cals
  • Eating more raw vegetables than cooked. (more nutrients, more chew time) x 7 = feeling fuller and more satisfied
  • Leaving coffee black instead of a splash of soy. (10 calories) x 7 = 70 cals
  • Max 3 servings of fruit a day instead of 4. (60-75 calories) x 7 = 420-525 cals

Potential calories cut out in a week = 1,055-1,905

It has not all been cutting back around here though. I have also been doing more.

  • Standing at work for at least half of the day. (Keep that metabolism up!)
  • Washing my car by hand, instead of driving through. (Must have burned a couple cals)
  • Adding 30 minutes to my Sunday ride. (200 calories)

Those are all little things. Things that do not seem to matter, in light of the calories required to lose a pound.

1 pound of body fat= 3,500 calories

When you are working toward a goal of being a healthy weight, one pound matters.

When you are trying to run farther and faster, one pound (really) matters.

All monumental change is the result of cumulative smaller changes.

I did not lose 56.4 (if every pound counts, then every ounce does too) over night, or even in one month. It has been 11 months since I began losing weight.

Slowly and steadily my body has changed. Muscles have formed. Fat has diminished. My shape has changed.

While I have drastically changed the way I eat overall, it is the small changes that lead me forward on my weight-loss journey to a healthier me. Every single mile run, minute on the bike, crunch, lunge, well-portioned meal, and moment of self control combines together into a force that creates meaningful change. Change that can impact every day life, and health, and well-being.

What small sacrifices are you making today that have potential to enable greater change in your life?

What change have you made that seemed insignificant at the time, but turned out to be life altering?

The Effect of Reading Blogs

6 Sep

I have to wonder if there could be a direct correlation between the blogs I read and the food that I choose to make and eat, as well as, the amount I choose to eat.

I began reading food blogs almost a year ago, while still living in Nebraska.  At first I read one or two, then 5, and now I read the ones that I can, when I have time.

I choose to read some blogs because I have an actual relationship with the writer, such as Clare, who recently moved to Dallas.

I read other blogs for their impressive style and design, such as Roost.  This blog emits peace from every photo and every line of text.  It is lovely.

Some for their simple, yet profound approach to life, such as Heather. (It has been beautiful to see her adjustment into motherhood.)

Jason inspires me to train hard and work hard, while keeping my food standards high.

Anne is becoming a dietician, and sets an incredible example of eating healthy and living active.  I consider her a role model, even though she has never met me. She also inspired me to create my own perch at work.

Other blogs make a me laugh…. Monica and Sarah.

Kath exemplifies portion control and a sense of moderation. (2 of my greatest struggles!!!)

And, of course, one blog has become my own personal breakfast guru.  (What would I do if Ashley had not invented the Buckwheat Bake?  Truth be told, I had never heard of buckwheat at all!)

Still others remind me of where I want to go. 3,2,1 Delish is written by two friends who compete in triathalons, which I am working toward.

Beth has lost major weight and understands the ups and downs of weight loss, maintenance, and learning to be a runner.  I like her honesty.

There are others too that add humor, beauty, creativity, and inspiration to my life.

But, I still have to wonder…

  • What is the effect of reading recipes for delicious food (some I would make, others I would not) day after day?
  • What is the effect of seeing beautifully photographed meals that look as though they were made in the very kitchen of heaven?
  • How does their content impact my hunger cues and cravings?
  • How do their pictures effect my food choices and portion sizes?

In no way am I implying that reading or writing a food blog is unhealthy… lest I condemn my own self.

I am saying that I am considering the effect of this practice on my life and on yours too.

Monica joked today in her post that “reading blogs makes you hungry”, but I dare say it is true.  It is the exact same principle that food advertisers use. When you see pictures of their product, and all of a sudden you feel hunger.

The influence that they healthy living blog community has had on my life has been a very positive one.  In no way am I blaming MY actions or choices on any one else.

It is important to me to live my life in a manner that I can account for my actions and be confident that I did my best to do the right thing.

I hope that each and every day I am able to help you have the tools, resources, knowledge, motivation, and inspiration to live your life in a manner that instills health and wellness into your life and body and relationships.

I take my role seriously, in that I am not naive to think that what I eat, do, and say does not impact others around me. I realize that, just as others have influenced me, I have influence as well.

With that in mind, the wheels of my mind are turning… reading blogs is not bad.  Cooking new recipes, not bad.  BUT…

Maybe there is a limit to how many I should read or when I should read them.

There is a time for most things, but what you do not master will soon master you.

(Oh geez, did I just talk everyone out of reading my blog?It’s been fun while it lasted.)

Just wondering…

Do you read many blog?  How many a day?

What influence do you think that have on your choices?

Untimely Wind

25 Aug

Want to hear a funny story?

Yesterday, the clouds rolled in to Dallas and the wind picked up with a fierceness. I was getting in my car, which has rather light doors, when the wind gusted and blew my door open… and into my forehead.

It hit hard… so, hard I thought I would be bleeding.  I was shocked that I wasn’t.  In fact, I barely have a bruise.  But I feel like I should have a gaping wound.

It’s funny now, but it sure was not then.

This has been the week of sleeping 8 hours.  I usually go to bed at 10, but get up before 5, making 8 hours impossible. But, this week I have slept in to 6 (ha!) more than once.  Turns out I am ok with it too!

For breakfast I had 2 pieces of toast with the lightest smear, one of pb and one of Crofter’s Strawberry.  I also had the better portion of a quinoa and egg veggie bake.

Tonight is my last night working at the gym, I think.  Which means, goodbye Body Pump, but also goodbye running from one job to the next on Thursdays.  For now, I will not have a gym membership.  That is life.

Now I have some questions/ comments from the blogs I have read this morning…

Congratulations to Sarah!  Peas and Thank You is now a New York Times Best Seller! And, her favorite recipes are legit!  I have not tried them all, but I have tried a couple and will be adding them to my recipe queue.

How in the world does Kath get her veggies to crisp like that when she roasts them? And, how incredible would it be to live where there is so much history?  I love Dallas, but I seriously appreciate history.

I not so secretly love mason jars, and adore this tea towel Kath used at breakfast.

I just met Clare last week, but it’s great when you meet people that are in a similar place in life. Though I like my job and the people I work with, I am NOT made to be in an office and definitely not at a desk. I, like Clare, am asking myself some very hard questions.

Jenna’s Earl Grey Peach Preserve recipe is timely, as I talked to my Grandma from Nebraska on my way to work.  She is canning Colorado peaches this week.  MMM peaches.

Julie managed to create what I would imagine is actually sin in a bowl.  Nutella Granola… two of my favorite foods in one.  Will I be making it? Not any time soon.  Am I saving the recipe? Yes.  I am thinking that this would be an amazing way to celebrate finishing my half marathon in December.

And finally, Jason over  at Cook, Train, Eat, Race is so fun to follow on Twitter.  The guy wakes up a little earlier than me on most days and kills a workout (or 3).  Triathletes, like Jason or Iron Jess, remind me what the body is capable of when pushed.  I need that reminder regularly.  It inspires me!

And now, to my faithful reader(s), thank you so much for letting me write for you.  Thank you for reading. I consider it a privilege.  Furthermore, thank you for understanding that I do not have a camera in my hand that often.

Tell me now, what is going on with you?

And It Was Good

17 Aug

On August 2nd my family had a little get together of GREAT importance!

I am 1 of 4 girls in my family. I have 2 older sisters and 1 younger.

My sister, Michele, has a doll of daughter named Leila.  She gets quite a bit of face time her on Weights and Measures, but soon she will have to share!

My oldest sister Christina is pregnant with her first baby and is due mid December.  (Please baby come after my half marathon, because I want your Mommy to be there!)

Christina and Jesse are extremely excited and invited all of the family over to reveal the gender at the same time.

The plan:

We were all given a cupcake.I chose white, becaues Michele’s white cake is the BEST! Michele is an incredible cake decorator and baker who can be found at or contacted at for all your cakey needs, and ,trust me, there are occasions where even I, an-avoider of processed sugar, see a need for cake. (Like my birthday!)

Inside there was colored icing. The color of the icing would tell us the gender.

Blue = boy

Pink = girl

(Can I admit that I was secretly hoping for both?)

For the record I voted boy ALL ALONG! And….


Some of us came prepared with presents! I had a girl and a boy gift, but my boy gift was much cuter, so I was excited to see them open it.  I gave them a cute little t-shirt from Target with a motorcycle on it, as Jesse has a Harley. ( This is the same Jesse that is my running coach!  In this picture he is wearing is Finisher shirt from Ironman Germany last summer. Yep, he’s nuts and super fast!)

To say the least, Jaxon Lee is loved already!

Yep, no doubt, it’s a boy! I can’t wait to meet him!

And, yep, I ate that cupcake, and it was good.

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