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12 Sep

Alone and helpless, my shoes sat.  Abandoned and unused yoga mat, where no stretching was done. Ignored tennis ball.  A sad sight, indeed. Luckily, my running shoes will be there tomorrow.

I had the bright idea this week to study before school or work, since I am having a hard time studying when I get home in the evening.  I knew I would work out, no matter what time of day. That was a bad idea, and I will fix it tomorrow.

That led to today being weird. Funky. Random.

I tried all day to convince myself that tea was as good as coffee.  Though I drink decaf, it is habit to drink coffee and tea just was not cutting it. I will make some decaf coffee in the morning… tomorrow.

The internet was down pretty much all day, so I was not able to complete the work I set out to do.  Oh well, the files will still be there tomorrow, and the IT guy (who happens to be my bro-in-law)  says the internet should be there too.

There was a swarm of bees in this tree today, and one of them came in my office when someone left the door open.  I do not blame them for leaving the door open… after all, we were having a water heater issue which caused the whole office to smell like eggs. I can’t handle the smell another day.  I am bringing a candle with me to the office tomorrow.

Have I mentioned how amazing my mom is?  In light of the whole water smelling like eggs business, you know it does not taste good.  I am not sure why it stinks so badly, but I am certain that I should not be drinking it.  When I mentioned the stinky water to my mom this weekend, she responded by buying me this 3 gallon jug to take to work.  She is a keeper 🙂  I should really give her a hug tomorrow.

My bad mood funk led to me feeling a bit extra snack all day. Luckily, there were no extra snacks to be found.  I only pack enough food for what I actually need.  The only thing I bring that is in excess is tea bags. I knew that this oatmeal square was in my lunch to eat as a snack before evening class.  I wanted it all day long, but managed to wait until 4 before warming it and enjoying.

Hello huge raisins and pepitas! I put extra cinnamon in this batch and less maple syrup.  Not sweet, but so tasty!  I think I will have another for a snack tomorrow.

Every once in a while I make a meal that evolves from simple to very complex.

It started with the a need of using some green beans, and a desire to use some of the garlic infused olive oil that I purchased as a splurge at Whole Foods on Saturday, when I should have been doing more studying than grocery shopping.

I roasted green beans, some mushrooms, and a potato in the garlic olive oil with a little sea salt.  I topped the roasted veggies with some pizza sauce and rice cheese, and put it back in the oven in a smaller dish for about 5 minutes.

Out came dinner.  Roasted. Garlicky. Tomatoey. Cheesy. Yummy. Sure hope I don’t smell like garlic tomorrow.

Have you been watching for honeycrisp apples?  The countdown is on.  Be on the lookout!  If you are the first one to send me a picture of their display at your store, I will be sending you a $5 Starbucks giftcard.  Check out the rules and more details!

I’ve got to go layout some clothes for running tomorrow!  Who can afford to be in a funk two days in a row?

Today,  I am thankful for tomorrow.






Hunting for Apples (A Giveaway)

10 Sep

Good morning all!

Good morning fall!

Good morning cinnamon carrot buckwheat bake and decaf pumpkin spice latte with soy milk.

Good morning grungy old boots with scuffs.  My toes are ready to be covered (read, I’m tired of painting my toe nails.)

Good morning light cardigan, my faithful companion.  I have missed your comforting warmth.

Good morning colorful scarf.  You brighten my outfit and my day.

Good morning perfect running weather.  You motivate me out the door.

I hear that the warm temperatures are to return, but I have truly enjoyed the cooler temperatures of the last week.

Fall is my favorite season, and I am ready for fall and all that it entails…

cinnamon spiced foods

outdoor walks

changing of leaves

The State Fair (19 days!)

Christmas shopping

Honeycrisp apples

I am officially on Honeycrisp apple watch!

I went so far as to call both Central Market and Whole Foods yesterday.

They both agree that the apples will be stocked the last week of September.

 That is also when the fair begins, so I have a lot to look forward to.

BUT! Can I wait that long?

Can you wait that long?

I’m feeling motivated and generous today, so in honor of all that is fall…


The first person to tweet me (@danikracht) a picture of the signage for honeycrisp apples at their grocer or farmer’s market will be getting a $5 Starbucks gift card from me in the mail to enjoy their own fall in a cup Pumpkin Spice Latte!  

Here are the rules:

1. The picture must show the actual “Honeycrisp Apple” sign

2. Sorry, but only readers in the continental US are eligible.

3. You must be following me on Twitter to be eligible to win.

So get your camo out and go hunting for some apples!

Happy Hunting!

And, if you are in DFW, we may just need to enjoy a honeycrisp together…)

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