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It’s Starting to Feel Like Christmas

18 Sep

While you have been out hunting for honeycrisp apples to hit the shelves of your local market (to win my $5 Starbucks giftcard of course!), I have been hunting for pumpkin.

I did not really need to go to the grocery store this weekend.  I have plenty of food, but there were two things missing that I felt I had to have. We all have staples, and one of my staples is bananas.  I eat one EVERYDAY, usually at breakfast.

We were out of bananas, so I visited my local Target yesterday for just these two items… and floss and toothpaste.  It is always an accomplishment when I get out of Target with only the things that I need.

Of course I put my pumpkin to use as soon as possible, by making pumpkin pancake roll ups.

I referenced 3 recipes before settling.  And, turns out I must have picked the wrong one.  The pancakes themselves were not good.  I tried to make them better by adding a little nut butter and banana, but they were genuinely just ok.

Kind of a disappointment after waiting for pumpkin for so long!

Yesterday I ran 8 miles.

You read that right EIGHT!

I wanted to go farther but my heart rate shot up right at 8, even when I slowed to a jog.  So, I stopped to walk.  I was disappointed because I will have to wait 2 weeks to go farther because I have the Heels and Hills and Him 10k next Sunday. But, after running 8 miles Saturday, I definitely feel ready to run 6.2 miles!

I received two packages in the mail this week that make me feel more ready to continue on my half-marathon training journey.  I’m starting to feel like it’s Christmas around here. But, I am paying for my own gifts, so nevermind.

Thursday night I got this small box and busted it open quickly!

Compressions socks!  I actually put them on right away and wore them until bed.

(You’ll have to forgive the grandma slippers and the cat butt in the background. It was late and I was tired!)

Compression socks are like hugs for your calves!

I plan to wear these any time my legs feel tired and after my long run on Saturdays.

These socks are snug on your calves, compressing inward to increase blood circulation and speeding recovery time. My sister is 6 months pregnant and wears a pair all day at school, since she is on her feet, to avoid ankle and foot swelling.

This very morning I got another package.  Well, it came yesterday, but the mail was checked today.

Finally, I will be running and cycling safer by wearing a RoadID every time I go out, whether alone or with someone.

This little bracelet will give first responders key information about me, like the fact that I have no known allergies, my emergency contact numbers, and that I am an organ donor!

And, for me the mantra “Some can’t.  You can.”  That is only part of my mantra though.  I would have needed another bracelet to write the whole thing.

“Some can’t.  You can.  Some won’t.  You will.  Some don’t.  You do.”  This is what I tell myself when I am ready to quit and it helps me keep going. And going, I keep.

Happy Sunday!  I am off to get ready for church!


Do you have a mantra?  If so, what is it?

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