Who Runs This?

25 May

I still haven’t unpacked from last weekend.

I haven’t put laundry away from… I can’t remember when.

I need to take a shower because I walked to and from work and it is hot out there, so I am nasty.

The kitchen is a mess from making lunch, and the tiny food chopper may have overflowed and need a wipe down.

I have called on about 5 cars, and no one is calling me back.

I ate lunch and I am still hungry.

I forgot to pick up my paycheck when I was at work.

But, I have decaf iced coffee in hand, and a little more clarity today than I had yesterday about some of the life choices I need to make.

So, I am really at peace. I am more aware than ever that I do not run this… or anything. I need to stop acting like I do.

Hopefully, I will be going car shopping tonight with my Dad. Oh, help me Jesus.


2 Responses to “Who Runs This?”

  1. Jim Kracht May 26, 2011 at 8:02 am #

    Sorry I got home late and messed up your plan, we can get it done.

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